Commercial Collections

Protecting your largest assets.

Commercial Collections

Good credit management should ensure that customers pay on time, we understand that this is not always the case and not everyone has a trained and dedicated credit manager.

Our commercial collection division embraces an empathetic approach when dealing with problematic customers. We promote flexible solutions for both parties and do not use heavy-handed threats that might damage your ongoing relationships. Our broad experience in the trade credit arena has repeatedly proven the value of this. We work closely with you, allowing you to focus on long-term partnerships with your customers while ensuring timely collections.

No joining fees

We operate on a no success, no fee basis. This means you only pay when a debt is successfully recovered. In most cases, we collect all commission from the debtor, meaning there are no extra costs for you.

Representation throughout the APAC Region

Our network of branches gives us a presence throughout the APAC region, this cuts out the ‘middle man’ and reduces your costs.


Lodging your overdue debts with our commercial collections department means not all is lost:

  1. Protect your debtors ledger

    Timely and empathetic intervention by an independent third party can often achieve dramatic and effective results. Your debtor’s ledger is probably your greatest asset and the threat of a bad debt is unsettling. Often the best credit management cannot prevent a bad debt from occurring.

  2. Reduce your costs

    Negotiation is more effective than litigation. It can not only prevent a late payment becoming a bad debt, it can also preserve your customer relationship and keep costs down.

  3. Improve your cash flow

    Imagine if every customer paid on time! In addition to helping you with problem debtors, we aim to reduce the overall time it takes for you to receive payment. Our experienced collections staff is available to you on temporary, short or long-term contracts, operating from your office or ours at a planned deductible cost.

  4. Risk free collections

    You only pay for what you receive. No joining fees, no ongoing subscription fees. We operate on a no success, no fee basis thereby guaranteeing cost-effectiveness.

  5. Real time reporting

    Information is vital and you need to know immediately. Our online access gives you the freedom to view the status of your debtors, 24 hours a day. Our commercial reports are up to date, easily available, comprehensive and accurate. We also provide accessible, sound and strategic advice at no additional cost via email or telephone.

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