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Credit Services

Protecting your largest assets

Before selling something, make sure your customer has the capacity to pay.

Credit Services

Before selling something, make sure your customer has the capacity to pay. Just as you don’t go into business to give things away, you shouldn’t sell your valuable products or services to someone who can’t afford to pay. If that sounds obvious, it is surprising the number of businesses who do exactly that!

What is Credit Risk Management?

Credit risk management is a vital tool used to protect the financial health of your business.

Our credit risk management service is proactive and designed to grow your company’s sales while increasing the accountability for cash flow and profitability. In other words, we work to balance our client’s goal to increase sales with the capability to collect money.

Credit risk management services are supported by the extensive information we hold, it is continually updated on our exclusive online database. In addition to offering comprehensive and sound information on your debtors we can assist you with setting appropriate commercial credit limits.

Leverage our information to help you grow

NCI provides a variety of business reports ranging from basic credit checks to comprehensive investigation reports.

Credit checks can be undertaken on companies and individuals, while larger reports also include trade supplier information, an overview of a company’s operations and financial information where available.

We have extensive access to a number of information databases to assist us in compiling information on Australian and international businesses.

Gain a competitive advantage with Company Reports

Have you ever worried about how financially sound a business is, or maybe you have limited the amount of credit you have extended to the customer?

Our information will give you the peace of mind you need when extending credit, consider the additional revenue you could generate if you were trading at your full potential.

Supplying powerful, accurate information is what we do at NCI.

Benefits with us

Our credit risk management allows you to relax in confidence for the following reasons:

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