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Specialty Risks

Protection against all types of trading risks

Sometimes there are trading situations that are unique and require a special skill set, that’s where our Specialty Risk team can assist in protecting your business.

Specialty Risks

Over the years we realised that while our core product was insurance broking, our business was actually about protecting the profitability of our clients.

As time passed, our ability to offer protection from risks has diversified. From standard trade credit insurance policies, to now being able to offer protection against a wide range of risks. This has come through relationships built with partners around the globe.

At the core, our philosophy remains the same, to provide solutions for our clients, which previously may not have existed. In turn, helping them grow and protect their business.

Structured Credit Insurance

NCI’s Structured Credit Insurance provides solutions for banks and other financial institutions with exposure to trade and non-trade related financing; including loans, documentary credits, guarantees and payment undertakings.

Tailor-made insurance solutions are also available for exporters, traders and corporates, enabling them to securely grow their businesses and expand their global reach, whilst also giving them leverage and scope on credit line discussions with their financiers.

Through NCI’s Singapore operation and global connections, we not only have access to local Australian insurers but Lloyd’s Syndicates as well, providing over $3bn of capacity for any one risk.

Political Risks

NCI has the ability to negotiate bespoke programmes to help protect your assets and investments against unexpected catastrophic political or macroeconomic events, particularly in developing economies and emerging markets.

Whether you are investing overseas, providing financing, operating or leasing equipment, or maintaining inventory in high-risk countries, you are vulnerable to political risks.

Surety Bonds

A Surety Bond provides financial security to the beneficiary; the project principal; against a contractor not performing, or defaulting, on a contract during the construction phase or defects period.

The bond facility limit is typically $2m plus, against which individual performance bonds are issued.

Bonds are widely accepted by the private and public sectors, (including federal, state and local government  departments), as an alternative to bank guarantees.

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